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Welcome to Frostfiend Studios, bespoke table top commission painting services.

We mainly specialise in armour and figurines from the grim and dark future of the Warhammer 31st and 41st millenniums. If you want something and you cant see it on here, let me know and I will see what I can do!

Legion Sicarans

Once again I found myself building some more Forge World Legion Sicarans for the Space Wolves. I seem to be quite good at them and the customer has asked for these to look different and to stand out. I'm wasn't going to change my style for this order and they were never going to be cartoonish aor too bright, if anything I was going to go down the edge low-lighting route that worked before. If I could pull this one off they would be very happy.

Regarding the kits: they are the  best and worst I’ve had, if that makes any sense. There were no breakages in the bag and the fit is good all-round. However there wee air bubbles all over the serface and some really heavy mould lines on the auto cannons. 

Magnetising the Lasscannon's

I  magnetised the Lascannons using 5mm rare earth magnets and flat Philips head screws. This method works well as you only need 1 magnet per side and it’s easier to drill out the hole in the hull for the screws. I do this by measuring where the screw should sit. I then drill a hole and gradually increase the size of the hole until the screw will slide in without gaining purchase. I then recess the edge of the hole with a larger drill bit and superglue the screw in. This leaves no stress on the resin and will prevent a shattering experience if you’re too rough with it.

For the sponsons, I recess the resin and drill to 5mm but don’t go all the way through. A dab of glue and some pressure and it sits perfectly.

Painting and finishing

Over the Christmas Period. The 2nd and 3rd Sicaran's were built and almost finished with just some edge highlights and battle damage to go. You will see that they have been weathered and have had a run over with some Forge World powders.

The paint scheme is the same as in previous incarnations except that I have gone with Vallejo Game Air Gun Metal for the metal work and find this adds to the moodiness of the models. You will see that they were weathered and had a run over with some Forge World powders.

The Sicaran Venator was finished and is sporting the Forge World decals. They really set this one apart and gave it a run out at Warhammer World on the weekend of 12th March. It plays quite differently to the normal Sicaran battle tank but that gun is crazy!

This is not the end of the Sicaran builds as I have some more in the pipeline. Four in fact, three Battle Tanks and another Venator plus two Spartans will be going to a client in Holland very soon.