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Welcome to Frostfiend Studios, bespoke table top commission painting services.

We mainly specialise in armour and figurines from the grim and dark future of the Warhammer 31st and 41st millenniums. If you want something and you cant see it on here, let me know and I will see what I can do!

Forge World Fellblade

This is my take on the Forge World Legion Fellblade. It's a huge model and has a lot of detail to get your teeth into. I'm happy with how it is looking and will be adding some battle damage in the near future. 

It’s a part plastic part resin kit incorporating part of the Citadel Bainblade kit. The quality of the moulding is good by comparison to the Legion Sicaran. However as with any resin kit there is cleaning up to do and warping to sort out. I find that the washing stage is the best time to sort out most of the warping and sort out niggles when building.

It went together in one evening and including filling with green stuff here and there. After leaving it to dry and set over the night it was fully primed and pre-shaded the next day. I used Vallejo UK dark see grey for the main paint work with a Russ Grey highlight and Fenrisian Grey edging. It was then treated to some 30k Space Wolf decals from Forge World. I have to applaud FW on these they are stunning. It was then covered with a gloss varnish to keep all that had work safe.

Its then on to the tracks and I slapped on a good layer of Typhus Corrosion which is then dry brushed on the extremities with Vallejo Aluminium. The brass work is Vallejo Gold and really shows off the pre-shade.

It was then given an all over wash with a mix of Nuln Oil and Agrax Earthshade. This is then removed by rolling a cotton bud over the paintwork. This is a great technique for removing any excess that will build up.

At this point it is completed to above table top but not to display standard. I need to think about how I’m going to approach the battle damage. The left side of the hull was damaged in the bag. This was around the steps that come up the left rear. This is looking like it could be a good place to start.  I have also avoided adding any rust to the model. If it was being played in 30k it was very new and would not have had time to corrode and if in the 40k setting it is one of the most valuable vehicle’s in the army, so would not be allowed to be left in that state.

So overall at this point I’m very happy with my work so far, nevertheless with all these things you never really finish them.