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Welcome to Frostfiend Studios, bespoke table top commission painting services.

We mainly specialise in armour and figurines from the grim and dark future of the Warhammer 31st and 41st millenniums. If you want something and you cant see it on here, let me know and I will see what I can do!


Commission Painting Services

What is commission painting?

In art, a commission is the hiring and payment for the creation of an artistic piece. When it comes to war gaming it’s the same in the sense that a model on miniature is being painted to the specific desires of the customer. In my mind and from my point of view it is a service for people who may not have the time or are not yet at the skill level to take their models to the desired standards of their table top.

I paint my commissions to two levels. Table Top and Next Level, both are visibly different when finished but do share similar processes along the way. The real difference is the amount of time taken with each stage to reach the required level.




The table top is the level at which most clients want their commissions. This is where the model will hold up to close inspection and they show consistency throughout the units.


At this point we start to magnetise weapons and equipment. We will typically use at least 25 colours on a model and will blend these as we lay the paint on. All models get a gloss wash and are sealed to lock in the colours and give some longstanding protection. We add lighting sources to the models with Panel Lighting for vehicles and Zenithal Lighting on individuals and creatures. Weathering and battle damage will now be added to your required level.


Decal application, free hand art, minor modifications and basing will now really start to play a part and we customise them to your theme which adds to the sense of occasion.

leviathan 10.jpg

Sicaran venator 10 Smaller.jpg


Going beyond the table top is about being brave and taking it to the next level. It’s about transitioning colours, multiple layered highlighting and the finishing touches. It’s about trusting that the next step won’t ruin the hours of hard work.


Most miniatures I paint at this level will have a minimum of 30 different colours and textures on them.  We start with the pre-shade and then add the base colours, blends and glazes. We then seal, wash, weather and finish to protect the paint. Modulation lighting is used in most cases to increase the contrast of the colours that have been used.


A lot of time and effort goes into making these the centre point of your army so I will work with you to make sure we get you where you want with the scheme you want.


If you want a quote please send me a message from the contact us page.

I believe my prices are very reasonable and very competitive when you consider the amount of equipment and time I need to do a good job to complete the project.

Please note that my prices to you are what it will cost and not an estimate. I won’t add any additional fee’s if takes longer than expected.  The price quoted will depend on the discussion and the models involved. I can provide the models and I am usually (Forge World Excluded) able to get them at a discounted price in comparison to the registered retail price. Again if this is the case I will add the cost of acquisition to the quote.

If you are happy with the price and the time in which I say it will be completed, I will send you an invoice by Paypal. I use PayPal as it provides both of us the most protection and is easy to use.

Please note that prices don’t include postage. This will be worked out upon completion and is based on weight,speed and insurance. If you want to arrange your own courier or postage you are free to do so.

Frostfiend Studios is based in the UK – Our quoted prices will be in GBP and tracked postage to regions outside the UK may be expensive.


As a bolt on extra I will put together a care package of all the paints used although this will have an additional cost to the commission


I will give you updates when:

· When your models are ordered, if I am acquiring them for you and when I receive them

· When they’re finished being built or any modification & painting progress (with pictures)

· Pictures of colour choices where required

· Picture of the finished models

·  Shipping notification (including tracking numbers!)


Every model I paint will be protected with bubble wrap taped around the model, surrounded by adequate packing material such as air bags or foam peanuts and then securely packed in a box. Delicate, Large or heavy models may be double-boxed when needed.


If you refer a friend we will give you 10% off an item or unit on your next order.

Please contact me at to discuss any commission project and I’ll let you know how much it will cost and when I will be able to start.